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We send out our condolences to you and your family for the loss you have endured. We are however glad you have found us! Here at EE we would like to extend those condolences by providing families with keepsakes made from their loved ones belongings, clothes and other materials. We offer an array of items including quilts, pillows, bracelets and more. Allong the blog page you can also find links to web pages to help provide counsiling and grief support.

Enraptured Embrace is made up of a group of sisters who have first hand endured the grief of losing close family members, whom we love and miss. We decieded on this spacific journey after the loss of Daughter & Neice Stella Grace. You can read about Stella under the tab to the right of the page. We also have many family member and close friends who have passed with in the last 2 years. Through our grief we would love to find comfort in comforting others on this same path. You can read more about us at the bottom of this page. God Bless and may your journey be gentle as we remember the ones who have gone before us.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hard at Work

We at Enraptured Embrace have been hard at work on some special quilts made in memory of some very special people. 
Our first request came from a woman grieving the loss of her daughter. She was well into her second trimester in her pregnancy when she found out her daughter had passed. She gave us what clothes she had gathered during her pregnancy and we made her a beautiful memento. Something we hope she cherishes for a lifetime. Something we hope will help ease the pain that comes with the loss. Something small but filled with love.

 We left on buttons, snaps and little duckie flaps. We also added in the bodice of two adorable dresses. The back is made from the stretchier fabrics and the front is made of all woven fabrics. Our good friend and Enraptured Embrace Volunteer, Mandy, hand binded the entire quilt. Beautiful end result!

We send love to the sweet Momma of little Nataleigha.  Thank you for trusting us with your daughters belongings, and we will keep you and your family in our hearts!
With Love,
Katie, Karie, Krystal, Korin, Tracy and Mandy

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